NJPL Residency Plays and Playwrights


We Victorians by Matthew Cole Kelly


we have to hold hands by Kait Kerrigan

Headshot of Kait Kerrigan. She has long brown hair, and is looking to the camera with a confident expression.

Allies by Michael John McGoldrick

Headshot of Michael John McGoldrick. He is wearing large glasses, and is smiling at the camera.

A Perfect Existence by Lesley Scammel

Headshot of Lesley Scammel. She has shoulder length wavy brown hair, and is smiling at the camera.

The Incels by Ruth Zamoyta

Headshot of Ruth Zamoyta. She has shoulder length blonde hair, and is looking at the camera with a warm smile.


Hiatus year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For more information on these plays, please visit our Catalogue of Plays.

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