DEI + Anti-Racism Work

In June, the brutality towards Black lives and the uprising that followed spurred urgent national conversations around systemic racism and how to stand actively and proactively against it.  Like many arts organizations, we took a good, long, hard look in the mirror. We came to realize that while we were unequivocal in our desire to be an artistic home for artists of all races, abilities, genders, and backgrounds, our policies and organizational structures were not aligned to support those values. We needed to make significant changes.

In the months since, the bulk of our time has been spent on reflection, assessment, and planning. By taking a deep dive into identifying our own biases and the ways in which they affect our approach to our work, we have been able to identify areas where change is needed.

We have created a Plan of Action aimed at creating an organization that is anti-racist and proactive in prioritizing artistic diversity, and safe and equitable artsitic spaces that ensure inclusivity, access and awareness.

We have consulted with our Board of Directors, sought the guidance of BIPOC artists on our proposed plan, and have continuously dug deeper as a result of all we have learned. We are now ready to begin to implement changes within our organization, with the recognition that some changes will be immediate and some will have to happen over time. But we are committed to prioritizing these efforts for as long as it takes–until diversity, equity and inclusion become the norm.

As we begin to roll out changes within our organization to reflect these goals, this will serve as a landing page where we will list the places on our site where you can read revised policies, programs, and approaches to organizational structure.

If you have questions or want to speak to us about any of this in more depth, please reach out to

Here’s where you can find more information on the changes we have made in structure, policies, and goals:

How we think about representation and disrupting assumptions.
View our Casting Policy. 

How we have reimagined how curatorial power is held in our organizational structure.
Visit What We Do, and scroll down to “Our Vision and Our Story”.

How we are working to be more transparent, and to overcome implicit bias in our play selection process.
Visit NJPL Residencies and scroll down to “What do we look for in a Residency playwright?” and “What do we look for in a Residency play?

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