An introduction to the building blocks of play structure, the language of dramaturgy, and the NJPL approach to play development.

e recommend this workshop for:

  • Playwrights who are brand new to playwriting. 
  • Playwrights who have written a body of work from instinct and imagination and are now ready for the next steps of learning how to apply structure and craft to their work.
  • Playwrights who have had some formal training, but wish to deepen their grasp of the language of dramaturgy to assist them in their own projects: to learn what you don’t know you don’t know.
  • Playwrights who are engaged in other NJPL Development programs and wish to optimize communication in our work together.
  • Emerging Dramaturgs looking to expand their knowledge base and facility of language around the new play development process.
  • Actors and Directors interested in sharpening their tools and deepening their understanding around the specific process of bringing new work to the stage.

Upon completion of this foundational workshop, participants will have:

  • A firm foundation in the craft of playmaking and the language of dramaturgy to ensure maximum benefit from any subsequent play development process. When you receive feedback, you will know how to act on it!
  • The insight and language to offer your fellow playwrights clear and actionable feedback on their work. You will be the most cherished member of your writing group!
  • The tools to act as your own dramaturg in the creation and revision of your plays. Learn the concepts and how to apply them!

If you are unsure whether or not this workshop is for you, we are always happy to speak in real-time to assess your specific goals and to help you identify the best point of access within our programming. Please contact Foundations is a four-week, ten-hour workshop, offered two times per calendar year. The workshop consists of four sessions which may take place once a week over four weeks, or over the course of two weekends. The workshop is ten hours in total. Exact dates and times will be announced with registration.

Please check back here for Spring registration dates at the end of January.

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